Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Formatting Hard-Disk Using Notepad !!

Notepad is a basic text editor you can use to create simple documents or web pages. You can create or edit files that need formatting, for which you use NotePad.

To open Notepad, click Start, point to All Programs, Accessories, and then click Notepad.

But now I will show you how to create a malicious script into a binary language to format hard drive just by running it.

First open notepad, as I have told above, and write the binary value given in the image below without our website link.

Now save this as the name you want to put for eg. as Facebook-password-breaker.exe as when this be recieved by many people then they would be opening that without inspecting anything.
Now the virus(Facebook-password-breaker.exe) is ready to send as by mail which will format the C:/ drive of your hard drive.
Enjoy with us !!
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