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How To Get IP Address Of Any User !!

Hello everyone, today we are discussing to get 
IP Address of any user on internet. If you have IP Address then you can do a lot of stuff with that like you can use Metasploit to hack into his/her computer or you can just put that into address bar of your browser to get into his/her modem or router settings and you can trace his/her.

Just Follow These Simple Steps;
1. So let's get started first of all get a hosting with domain you can get it for free from http://www.000webhost.com and you need to open up your notepad and paste the code given below and save it as index.php and upload it to your site.

// Written By Pulkit - www.HackingSociety.in
$open = fopen('logs.html' , 'a+');
$fwrite = fwrite($open , $ip.'<hr />');
$fclose = fclose($open) 

2. Now send your site url provided by 000webhost to any user on internet when he/she'll open it his/her IP Address will be saved in logs.html.

3. Now it's time to get IP Address just go to your site and type this after your site address/logs.html e.g. http://yoursite.com/logs.html.


Any Doubts.???
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